Chiropractic Marketing

24 Hrs To Getting Prospects To Call YOU Wanting Your Services

How do you find the best ways to ensure that prospective clients call you in need of the services that you provide, without frustrating hassles or expensive steps? What is the number one tip to getting business calls within the area you serve? You do not have to spend countless dollars with no promise of profit to learn the secret.

I am known as the automatic first person to consider for providing a very predictable pool of real, genuine leads and I work specifically for the chiropractic industry. I operate the “Creator of Chiropractic Calls” agency, which helps doctors of chiropractic care earn more profit by giving them access to exclusive strategies for their marketing to potential patients. For the last year or so, learning how to best provide chiropractors with more patients has been my focus and I have spent countless hours understanding and trying new methods. Only a few of the different concepts that I have attempted have works, but this is for your benefit. Because I have found only a couple of things that work very well, I am going to share the method that produced the best results in new patient increases, which translates to monetary gain and saved time.

What are you going to learn from this presentation?

1) How to increase your number of patients to grow your practice.

2) How to design your budget for marketing without having the fear of monetary loss.

3) How to stay away from marketing techniques that are outdated and expensive, allowing you to be able to achieve the results you want! Do not listen to any more “experts” in marketing styles that will leave you wasting more money on different methods that do not give you increased profits.

Instead, learn the new way to gain patients!

Why is this method crucial for your practice today? The most important thing to realize is that the majority of the marketing techniques that are taught to chiropractors today are not accurate or helpful. Marketing costs are skyrocketing, while the field is gaining competition more and more every day. The combination of marketing costs increasing along with the levels of competition is certain to lower profits for your business if you are not seeing it already. Are you already witnessing decreased profits? This presentation and method are for you!

Is this method actually applicable for you and your chiropractic office? Well, answer by asking a few questions about your work habits. Are you spending long, hard hours as a chiropractor? Are you investing a large sum of money into marketing, but not seeing really any results from your investment? If these are legitimate concerns for you, I can help you. If you want to have the satisfaction of knowing that the money which you spend on marketing is actually assisting your business without you having to work crazy amounts of overtime, I can help you. If you are scared as you watch the costs of marketing keep rising due to the increase in competition, I can help you. You are about to learn a gainful way to get between twenty to twenty-five new patients each month that your competition will be unaware of.

There are some ground rules for this special method:

1) It is not a “get rich quick” scheme

2) It is not a “do nothing, get a paycheck” system

3) Provide quality service

4) You must have an operating system that will let you pick up incoming phone calls

5) You must have strong sales skills to assure interested parties

6) You must have the ability to follow up with leads and see them through to completion

What separates this method from other types of marketing aid? How are we different from Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? First, SEO is a necessary component of business; however, our method gets your business there faster. We are better than FaceBook advertising because we get your business where it needs to be, but more rapidly and for less cost. Google AdWords is also good, but we are better because we can help you diversify your methods of income.

If you had a serious heart condition, who would you go see for diagnosis and treatment? You would see a cardiac specialist, someone who is specifically trained and has the best knowledge of what you would need. We operate the same way! We have ONE specialization and have a simple, clear business model. With our methods, chiropractors receive just what they want: more new patients!

We promise to provide calls to exclusive, not shared leads. There are not any expectations of a long-term contract or a commitment to make to us. We start very slowly, as if on a first date. There is a charge for each unique, qualified call. Right away, you will have access to all call information that is incoming to our business, including phone numbers, time, and recordings.

We have one specialty, and we do not work with any random chiropractor. Just as you prefer to work for patients who are serious about receiving care and getting better, we desire to partner with businesses that are serious about running professionally and earning profits well.

Basic characteristics that we desire for our partners in business:

1) You have to answer incoming phone calls.

2) You have skills in turning leads into patients.

3) Provide quality, satisfying service to patients.

While we do not offer free leads as a way to try our services, we offer you a full money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied! There are a limited number of leads that are available to us, which means that we can only partner with one chiropractor!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Would you be interested in partnering with chiropractors and receiving a part of closed sales?

No, we do not partner with chiropractors. We only deliver qualified calling leads. We price these calls, so doctors and our company do both earn money.

2) Is there a free trial?

While there is not a free trial per se, we do begin our method in a small way, such as with only ten calls. There is a 100% money-back guarantee though!

3) How will my office know which phone calls are leads from your company?

You will be provided with all calls that we will send you online, including the time the call will be incoming, the phone number and recording, and knwoing if the call was or was not answered.